Apaches Take One From the Fillies

Sophomore Genesis Rivera goes for a double-double
Sophomore Genesis Rivera goes for a double-double

What seemed to be a complete chaotic match between two bitter rivals, ended in favor of the Apaches. The Fillies dropped another conference game against Tyler Junior College, 88-85.

In the back-and-forth battle between the two, 15 lead changes occurred. Tyler scored the first basket of the game, but Panola quickly answered to tie it up and the rest of the game would continue as so. One team would be up, while the other did all the right things to tie it up or put them in the lead. 

In the first quarter, the Lady Apaches took control and finished 15-19. But the second quarter was a different story. The Fillies fought their way back after trading a few buckets and came out on top, to take the half 44-36. 

In the start of the 3rd quarter, Tyler brought more intensity and grabbed an offensive rebound to jump start their 15-6 run that put them up by 1 at 50-51. Tyler would take multiple trips to the free throw line for some three point plays that helped them take the lead. The Fillies hadn't given in, as they traded more baskets with Tyler and tied it up at 67 with: 04 seconds left in the quarter. A last second buzzer shot by Tyler's Lakendra Bassett, put them up in the third, 67-70.

It was the same battle in the fourth, a nail biter, to say the least. The Fillies took the lead with 4:36 left in the game up 79-77, then again at 83-80. Tyler fought back to make it a 1 point game at 83-82, but a pair of free throws from Freshman Ekaterina Karchevskaya, would put the Fillies back up 3. The free throws would be the Fillies final baskets of the game. Tyler found a way and kept the lead, little by little, with help from the free throw line. The Fillies would get one last shot at the basket but it wouldn't be enough as time expired. 

Sophomore Genesis Rivera led the Fillies with her second career double-double on the night with 24 points and 11 rebounds. Freshman Patience Okpe added 16 points, 6 assists and 3 steals to the mix as well, and Freshman Ekaterina Karchavskaya added 11 on the night. 

The Fillies are now 3-4 in conference and 12-5 overall. The next game is at Kilgore College on Wednesday night, January 18th, at 5:30 pm.